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Slashdot moderator!!!

Posted by Kunal on July 23, 2006

I have finally arrived!  Today while reading a slashdot article, I came across this message:

You have moderator access and 5 points (expire on 2006-07-25). Welcome to those of you just joining: please read the moderator guidelines for instructions.

I have done some meta moderation for slashdot before but I am getting the ‘privilege’ of moderating the great forums of slashdot for the first time. It seems that they are offering moderator access to almost all users nowadays.

Sometimes I think I get insane amount of pleasure from the most idiotic things. Ahh, well …


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Google Earth coming to Linux

Posted by Kunal on May 29, 2006

Just after Picasa was released we find out they are also working on Google Earth for Linux also.

Google cares about Linux! Last week Google released Picasa for Linux. While it is not a native Linux program, it works under Wine. I think this is a major step towards Linux acceptance by big software companies. Traditionally, software companies will release a Linux version only if the software is written in Java and hence it is platform agnostic. With Picasa, we can expect great quality software (although not open source) to be released under Linux. I downloaded Picasa and it works flawlessly on my Kubuntu machine. I have run Wine applications before and this one is different. Essentially because it links with libwine (which means that its not as bad as running a .exe under Linux. Google has made internal changes to Picasa).

Google Earth coming to Linux will be nice as there are no open source alternatives to it. Many people are complaining that this is a half hearted attempt by Google to woo Linux users because Picasa isn't a native Linux application. I think if Google isn't going to open source their applications (the best option ), they might as well make it run under Wine. A closed source natively compiled application is as bad as closed source application running under Wine in my opinion.

Note : I am blogging from for the first time!
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