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Corporate talk

Posted by Kunal on June 7, 2008

Paul Buchheit‘s list of corporate values:

– Don’t be evil

– Don’t be stupid

– Change the world

– Make a bunch of money


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Ahh! That one

Posted by Kunal on August 12, 2006

I love Calvin & Hobbes. I love the philosophical undertones in many of the comic strips created by the sublime genius of Bill Waterson. Many times it so happens that I want to go back and read a particular strip. Inspite of living in an age where finding information on obscure topics is a mindless task, unfortunately finding a particular comic strip is almost impossible for many reasons. Thankfully, I found just the right tool to do my bidding.

Update: Another C&H search engine (thanks to Anish)

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Linux and the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Posted by Kunal on July 30, 2006

Linux is evolution, not intelligent design. - Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds on the Linux kernel design process :)
Read Greg KH’s talk on the Linux kernel here.

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This is hajaar funny

Posted by Kunal on March 4, 2006

A MA thesis on IITM slang!!

Via Maajorly shadymax arbit fundaes

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