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Orkut vs Facebook

Posted by Kunal on October 18, 2010

A story told by my gmail inbox. Orkut’s popularity peaked in 2006 when I just got onto Facebook. Since then, Orkut declined sharply and it has pretty much died since 2009. Also of interest are the spikes in activity in the month of March, which can be explained by my birthday falling in that month. I used a fantastic visualization extension called Graph Your Inbox for this post.

Orkut emails in my inbox over time

Facebook emails in my inbox over time

Combining the data on the same graph


3 Responses to “Orkut vs Facebook”

  1. Interestings…will try out the extension on my mail box and see what it gives :D

  2. Facebook and orkut. Both are social networking sites however facebook is one of the leading social networking site in the world because of its proper presentation, technology and best quality games. Orkut must need to improve.
    Susan Smith,

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