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Youtube and nostalgia

Posted by Kunal on November 25, 2008

An essential part of being a desi grad student in America is watching old Indian television ads. By old I mean late 80s and early 90s, when people of my age were growing up. The monopoly of Doordarshan on the television meant that we all have grown up watching the same things. Youtube, the great time waster, is as usual more than happy to provide tons of old ads and suggesting other relevant ads. I have experienced quite a few of these ad watching sessions in my house. Memories. They come flooding back and the jingles are still surprisingly fresh in memory.

For a country that produces mostly formulaic movies with an utter lack of creativity, the television advertising industry is a class apart. In my limited experience of watching american television, the ads are very dull and stupid here. Perhaps it is due to lack of interesting subjects :)


5 Responses to “Youtube and nostalgia”

  1. Dhruv said

    And by subjects you mean?

  2. Kunal said

    India’s diversity? I won’t be a blanket statement saying that the USA lacks diversity or anything of that sort but still, the diversity in India eclipses most places on earth IMHO.

  3. Nachiket said

    Find the Lifebuoy ad for me …. I couldn’t get it anywhere :(

  4. Your blog is very interresting for me, i will come back here..

  5. Priya said

    I keep thinking the same (though I haven’t watched any television but Indian). I wonder how the ad makers keep bringing out such creative ones. And no, the Indian movies are no longer all the ‘masala’, ‘formulaic’ ones either. At least some aren’t!

    I like what I see here and would love to visit again.

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