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Corporate talk

Posted by Kunal on June 7, 2008

Paul Buchheit‘s list of corporate values:

– Don’t be evil

– Don’t be stupid

– Change the world

– Make a bunch of money


6 Responses to “Corporate talk”

  1. Arnold said

    That’s all you need to know really. Except you can even scratch out the last three points.

  2. Satpreet said

    Coming from the Googleplex, I assume ? :D

    @ Arnold: do _you_ really believe that ?

  3. Kunal said

    Coming from arnold that’s a surprise.

    @satpreet: Yessir :)

  4. Arnold said

    @ Kunal, Satpreet — Yes. I do.

  5. Salil said

    You working with this chap?

  6. Kunal said

    @salil: nah. he left google to start a startup some time back.

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