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Linkin Park = rock ?

Posted by Kunal on June 5, 2007

It seems Linkin Park is hugely popular in India. At least thats what Google Music Trends says. There is even someone called Mithoon in the top 20 songs in the rock genre! I surely hope that this is not representative of the average music listener in India.


6 Responses to “Linkin Park = rock ?”

  1. Salil said

    You can see the sutta song at #20 :-)

  2. Anup said

    I happened to visit Google’s music trends page one fine day. Tell you the truth, I was sorely disappointed to see Linkin Park all over the ranks. Has India’s musical taste gone so bad that we treat trash, such as Linkin Park, music?
    People may say that there are serious listeners in our country and they do appreciate good music. But then why is Linkin Park still on top? Why can’t we throw these diaper clad, sissy boys, who lack the attitude that rock demands, off the charts? Come on, it’s not even close to Meatloaf if you ask me. Falco’s Rock me Amadeus was far better than any of the chart-toppers by Linkin Park methinks.

  3. Kunal said

    This is from a sample of people who run GTalk client on Windows and who have turned on the music trends feature. Hopefully, this will be just a bunch of deranged teenagers.

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  5. Dude on seeing the list for “All Countries” Linkin Park dominates in that as well. Maybe they have mostly Indians participating in this thing. :-)

  6. anupmankar said


    Indians make up a healthy 10% to 15% of the participants in Google Trends. Chinese people aren’t a part of it since they have their own version of Google’s suite of offerings.

    Just to rub it in … the Indian taste in rock sucks!

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