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Now I know why

Posted by Kunal on June 2, 2007

When Dell started offering Ubuntu Linux on their computers recently, people were surprised. So was I. Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu Linux was also vary when Dell initially put the idea of offering some Linux distribution on their computers. So, when Dell actually started selling the computers, everyone was pleasantly surprised.

I think I know why Dell is offering Linux. Read this. Michael Dell uses Ubuntu on his laptop! Just proves that anyone who uses a good Linux distribution will become an instant fan and will start evangelizing :)

Of course, it is entirely possible that Michael Dell installed Linux after they decided to put it on their machines to test it, but I am happier with the other explanation.

3 Responses to “Now I know why”

  1. Shriniwas said

    I use Ubuntu in my office and I have installed Ubuntu on many Dell laptops here – barring few solvable glitches – it works just fine for basic computing needs. So isn’t that worth saving 100$ on Windows :) Especially in India where we don’t need the Big Brother’s License ?

  2. Kunal said

    It works fine for my advanced computing needs too ;) I believe that Windows is much more costly than the 100$ pricetag, it comes with immense administration problems. Its a lot of fun to administer a Unix system. With windows, its just plain frustrating that very little is in your hands.

  3. kapeesh said

    “that very little is in your hands”, is why I, and many others, prefer windows :-D

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