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Archive for June, 2007

Linkin Park = rock ?

Posted by Kunal on June 5, 2007

It seems Linkin Park is hugely popular in India. At least thats what Google Music Trends says. There is even someone called Mithoon in the top 20 songs in the rock genre! I surely hope that this is not representative of the average music listener in India.


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Now I know why

Posted by Kunal on June 2, 2007

When Dell started offering Ubuntu Linux on their computers recently, people were surprised. So was I. Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu Linux was also vary when Dell initially put the idea of offering some Linux distribution on their computers. So, when Dell actually started selling the computers, everyone was pleasantly surprised.

I think I know why Dell is offering Linux. Read this. Michael Dell uses Ubuntu on his laptop! Just proves that anyone who uses a good Linux distribution will become an instant fan and will start evangelizing :)

Of course, it is entirely possible that Michael Dell installed Linux after they decided to put it on their machines to test it, but I am happier with the other explanation.

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