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Posted by Kunal on December 5, 2005

I am finally on broadband!

Feels amazing to get rid of the shackles of dialup. No more time restrictions, download caps, endless waits for the page to load!

Truly liberating experience!

6 Responses to “Relief”

  1. Kunal S said

    You were on dialup all this time?! You were on dialup all this time?!

  2. Kunal S said

    Oops, I didn’t close the strong tag on the previous comment! Sorry!

    It sucks that wordpres doesn’t allow commenters to preview or delete comments they’re leaving/have left though.

  3. Kunal said

    I had no choice but to stay on dialup for so long. Bloody BSNL bastards didnt give me a connection. I applied for a broadband connection to BSNL in Jan 05!

  4. Kunal S said

    ok, for the other readers, the first two comments were by me. Sorry KT!

    Update : I have changed your name from Kunal to ‘Kunal S’ in the previous comments. I was looking weird. ~KT

  5. anish said

    guess you were just unlucky.. but u finally got it ! welcome to the real world..

  6. ravi said

    The god had to get broadband sometime or later right? But it has been more than just a tad late.

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