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Archive for December, 2005

Google fever

Posted by Kunal on December 11, 2005

Yes. I have been bitten by the Google Earth bug too. Its an amaaazing tool. Here are some photos (click on the thumbnails for a larger image):

1. My college.

Amidst all the slums of Upper Indiranagar lies VIT.

2. Tekdi


My favourite destination for evenings. I have traced the path from the base of the hill at Law College to the stone quarry. The ‘Measure’ tool in Google Earth tells me that the path is 1.9 km. Cool.

3. Pune Overview


The Mutha is looking a damn sight neater than up close!


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Posted by Kunal on December 5, 2005

I am finally on broadband!

Feels amazing to get rid of the shackles of dialup. No more time restrictions, download caps, endless waits for the page to load!

Truly liberating experience!

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Posted by Kunal on December 2, 2005

FOSS.IN is happening right now. I never imagined a FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) event of such magnitude in India. The event is currently going on in Bangalore (29th Nov to 2nd Dec). Evidently, this event is 5 years old (earlier it was called Linux-Bangalore). Take a look at the event schedule, some amazing events are scheduled during the event. Its not just Linux events, there is FreeBSD, OpenSolaris, Python, Apache and a host of other open source technologies.  Big names like Alan Cox (Linux kernel hacker), Jonathon Corbet ( guy) have come to India for this event. Ubercool.
More power to FOSS!

I wish I was in Bangalore.

Vist the site.

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