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India Quiz

Posted by Kunal on August 31, 2005


The people of India used to be very civilized until they got bored of it. Then, some Europeans saw India and decided they wanted it. When the Queen heard them whine for it, she decided it was ok for them to have it. Then, one very old bald man said that we must not fight for independence. That will confuse the British. The British got confused and left. […] The official motto of India is “All your job are belong to us.?


Bombay is also the world’s largest vodka party. Located off the shores of western India, Bombay is a perpetual paradise of over 20 million drunken sods who stay in the region and make merry all year round. […] Bombay is also the worlds largest exporter of underworld dons and nagging wives. Its mafia training institute is credited with inventing weapons of mass destruction like sticks, stones and very loud farts.


The British East India Comany coined the word “Bangalore? from “Bang? + “galore?, a reference to the promiscuity of the local women. […] Many Bangaloreans are also involved in the vocation of Cowabunga, where trained professionals methodically taunt cows by speaking to them in French. Obviously, this is a highly lucritive field, and has made many practitioners multi-millionaires overnight.[…]For entertainment, the people of Bangalore enjoy recreational telephoning. People worldwide enjoy calling Bangalore citizens in hopes of hearing the latest comedy routine about modern-day life.

Delhi (Deli)

Deli is called the “city of seven empires? because it has been pillaged and burnt to the ground atleast seven times by seven different people. Deli is ruled by Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, whose name is funny and is often the source of many purile jokes. […]Deli is also the seat of the Prime Minister and the President of India. They both sit behind the cashier.


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