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Posted by Kunal on June 17, 2005

The joy of receiving something for free.

I just received a courier of free Ubuntu Linux cds! They sent me 12 sets of Ubuntu ( 2 cds each). Out of these, 10 are for normal x86 PCs while the remaining two sets are for AMD64 PCs. All of this for nothing.

I havent tried Ubuntu as yet, but I have worked on other Debian based distributions (In case you didn’t know, Ubuntu is based on another distribution called Debian which is the granddaddy of all distros). Apparently Ubuntu is newbie friendly and GUI rich. It can also be used as a Live CD.

So, if you want to try Linux or just want to add to your distro collection just put a comment. Obviously, I won’t charge for the cds )

If you are wondering why they sent me free cds in the first place, then visit the Ubuntu website. They ship cds to everyone for free, there is no catch.

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