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Why did I switch?

Posted by Kunal on May 25, 2005

Why did I switch to WordPress from good old Blogger?
First and foremost, a big thank you to Anup for blazing the trail and finding a free hosting provider Clearphp. Now the reasons:
1. WordPress rocks. It is simpler AND much more powerful than Blogger.
2. I get my own website! Yes, this is a complete website where I can upload files, pictures, start chat rooms, forums, email, et all. All of this for free! A simple tool is provided by Clearphp to add all these thingies to your website.
3. is very slow to load at my place. Also, finding a decent subdomain at Blogger is a headache. My ultra-uncreative mind could only come up with a stupid url zaphod-beeb as all others on my wish list were already taken.
4. WordPress themes and plugins are awesome and open source. Hurrah! A tweakers delight, they are. Although the themes are in PHP (I don’t know PHP), they are very simple to understand. They are littered with helpful comments like if you delete this the sky will fall on your head. Prepare yourself for some cool changes on this blog in the coming weeks )
5. All links in the sidebar are stored in a database. So changing the template is a no-sweat job.
6. Categories! I believe categories are very important. A detailed post on categories/tags is in the offing.

All in all, a super deal.

One misconception is that Blogger makes life easier if you just want a Post & Publish functionality. WordPress is simpler. If you don’t believe me, google it!

The biggest problem with switching to WordPress (or for that matter MT) is finding a host either free or paid. One thing which I can’t understand is why the popular Indian bloggers have still stuck with Blogger? All over the world, the popular bloggers have their own domains/ subdomains. It just makes more sense to have more control over your blog.

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