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History Lessons

Posted by Kunal on May 24, 2005

A Condensed History of Everything
Written in a Douglas Adamsesque style, it is a humorous take on history from The Big Bang to the year 2046. It is a long page, but if you are faced with something important (e.g. exams in a weeks time!), then you will definitely find the time to read the whole page! (Thanks to Ramanand for introducing the Art of Structured Procrastination)

Some gems from the condensed history of everything:

73 BCE: Spartacus leads a failed slave revolt, inspires a pretty good flick.

999 CE: People freak out over the coming apocalypse of Y1K. Nothing bad happens, whatsoever. Go figure!

1492 CE: During their never-ending quest to get more spices and that silk, white people accidentally stumble across the Americas. Failing to notice that there are already millions of people living there, the Spanish, French and English decide to move in and start a New World. Slavery of native peoples and Africans in the New World begins pretty much the day we set foot in the place, and doesn’t end until the 20th century is within spitting distance. The end result of this half-millennium-long occupation? The Bush family, ultra-sexy strippers from Quebec, and the KKK. I just hope that Columbus received a karmic spanking for not keeping his mouth shut.

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