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Posted by Kunal on January 14, 2005

One can’t expect much from a website if its name itself is 30 characters long. Pune International Film Festival website is one such example. Just one day before the festival starts, the list of films to be shown is not available on the website! The link to the list of films is broken. It shows ‘Permission denied’ even if one has registered on the website. Sad state of affairs :(

I hope the actual film festival is better than the website. This is the first time I will be able to watch the PIFF. Exams prevented me from watching last two editions of the festival. My crib with this edition of PIFF is that last year they had more Hollywood/popular films. There are no Hollywood biggies like Kill Bill this time around. I think they are concentrating on new films only.

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Arbit stuff

Posted by Kunal on January 4, 2005

Some new additions to my blogroll
Mr. Sun (very phuny blog. Highly recommended.)

Link dump:
The Graphing Calculator Story
Has anyone used the graphing calculator? How is it?
I haven’t used a Mac in my life at all. Damn this M$ monopoly.

Mood Indigo reviews by Salil and the other Kunal.
Most of the stuff has been said by these two, but I will add a few of my observations sometime later.

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