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l337 speak

Posted by Kunal on October 12, 2004

Cant understand what the title means? You probably need to read this. Follow the link for an amazing insight into hacker culture.

I have been reading about hacker subculture for quite some time now. This was reflected in the quiz I set recently (There was an overdose of hacker questions :)). Incidently, there was a question in the quiz which went something like this

He is widely regarded as the greatest old school hacker (i.e. a hacker with no malicious or criminal intent but interested in lines of code and analyzing systems) of all time. He firmly believes in anti proprietary software and has written books on it. He has created part of a free operating system which is being widely used in the last decade or so. Incidently, this person has visited Pune in the near past. Who is he?

Now, the answer to the question is Richard Stallman, the Free Software Foundation (GNU) guy. The funny thing is many people wrote the answer as Ankit Fadia. The last clue (he visited Pune in the recent past) obviously misled those teams into thinking it was Ankit Fadia. But then, I have mentioned that he is regarded as the greatest hacker of all time! Imagine Ankit Fadia being called as the greatest hacker :D. No offense to Fadia, but he still has a long way to go to reach that status.

Visit this link for a nice accout of the Hacker Hall Of Fame.

4 Responses to “l337 speak”

  1. Anup said

    Acc. to me Fadia is not even a hacker. A hacker is one who looks for innovative ways to exploit resources. Fadia looks for loopholes in Windows OS or the network. Well that makes him a script kiddy or script junkie at best. What say?

  2. Kunal said

    I still dont understand what the title means :-s.

  3. Salil said

    Even i don’t know…but ‘Geek Speak’ would be my best guess.–>

  4. jack moore said

    The link you have to the Hacker’s Hall of Fame doesnt work any longer. Try this page instead:

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