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Irani cinema

Posted by Kunal on September 25, 2004

I had my first taste of international cinema last week when I went to see a few films at the Asian Film Festival at the NFAI. (Free passes thanks to Siddharth :-) ) Having read a lot about Irani cinema, I really wanted to see one. So, I was pretty happy because I got a chance to see two Irani films ‘Color of Paradise’ and ‘Children of Heaven’ and a film from Afghanistan called ‘Osama’. I wasn’t keen on watching ‘Osama’ but was forced to do so by Siddharth. Thankfully, the film turned out to be awesome. It made me thank his stars that I live in urban India. The film is about a girl who has to disguise as a boy in order to earn a living, under the Taliban rule. Even though I had some inkling about the appalling living conditions in Afghanistan under Taliban, watching them on film is quite shocking. Suddenly, George Bush’s talk about giving freedom to oppressed people made some sense. Recommended for everyone.

The two Irani films were a delight to watch. I had expected the films to be slow and ‘arty’. The films were nothing like I expected, they were simple tales told in a very nice manner (somewhat like R.K. Narayan). The films were technically brilliant with some great photography and lighting. The first film ‘Color of Paradise’ was about a blind boy and his world, while the second film ‘Children of Heaven’ was about two siblings living in a poor family who have to manage with a single pair of shoes amongst them. The two lead actors i.e. the kids were very good. Both the films were directed by the same director Majid Majidi. Incidently, his film ‘Baran’ is currently being shown in Inox.

8 Responses to “Irani cinema”

  1. Nikhil K said

    Yoohoo! Look who is here!
    Fanatastic Kunal, Welcome to blogosphere! Will add you soon to my bog list.

  2. Nikhil K said

    the other Kunal T has a valid point. Why this fixation on DNA a nd his brilliant world of H2G2?
    1] Allow due credit to his other magnum opus, the Dirk Gently series.
    2] Does DNA really have the power to astound as compared to the eccentric Philip Dick, Heinlein, Asimov and A.C.Clarke?

  3. varun said

    what does zaphod-beeb mean? will be adding you to my blog soon. Happy blogging…

  4. Anonymous said

    hey good now u ve started too..
    keep writing

  5. been meaning to catch “Baran”…worth a dekko, you say??

  6. the h2g2 connection is because frankly i am not very creative :-(. Besides I have been using zaphod as my username/nick everywhere for quite sometime now.

  7. Aditya said

    namaskar bandhu
    what a nice surprise
    kundlya blogging
    jamlay tula
    iranian cinema was interessant

    take care and happy blogging

  8. Anup said

    Baapre…..finally almost all the people I know have started blogging….welcome to…..ummmm…..nowhere I guess !!! What about some Rock posts?

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